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About Robert Gardner

In 35 years of practice, Robert Gardner has successfully defended thousands of people arrested and accused of criminal activity

Never satisfied with taking the “easy way”, he closely investigates the facts and circumstances of each case. He is an expert at identifying
inconsistencies, flaws and falsehoods in police reports and within the prosecution’s case. He then pursues the correct strategy to achieve the best result for each client.

He graduated with a BA from the University of Rochester in 1969.
In 1970 he earned a Masters in Education at Hofstra University.
In 1975 he earned his Juris Doctorate from St. Johns University School of Law.
The following year, 1976 he was admitted to practice at the New York State Bar.
In 1984,he was admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court, Southern District.

He is both an accomplished trial attorney & a skilled negotiator.
Mr. Gardner’s reputation as a tough advocate for his clients rights and interests make him your best choice for a highly qualified criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal Defense Attorney


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