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Police want to "talk" to you? Call me FIRST!

When the police have left word that they want to talk to you it can be tempting, especially if you have done nothing wrong, to want to explain the situation to the police. The problem is that in most cases the decision to arrest you has already been made.

It is at this time you need to speak to me.

It is my job to protect you from making incriminating statements.

What you might think are helpful explanations can in fact be damaging admissions. The police have a strategy, most of the time it involves arresting you.

You need an attorney to protect your rights and yourself. That’s when it’s vitally important to have an experienced criminal DEFENSE lawyer on your side. That's what I do, I DEFEND persons arrested or charged with a crime. I have over 35 years of experience DEFENDING clients against all criminal charges.

So, don’t fall into the “come down so we can talk” trap. You need smart legal representation at this time. Call Me.


Arraignments are a critical time in your case. With my representation you may be released in your own recognizance or with minimal bail. I will protect your rights and insure that the prosecution does not take advantage of you.


When Your Freedom is in Question, Let Me Provide the Answers. 35 Years of Criminal Defense Experience, Call NOW


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